Back to back

Due for a nastyopath* visit today, and my back is worse than it was before I first visited her. Is this supposed to happen? True the lower back pain is pretty much gone, but now I am all bitter and twisted in my mid back, and there is a foreign** pain on the left, where I have never in 30 years of back trouble had a pain before.
Yes, I know it’s sitting at my desk that does it, and I’ve been doing a lot of that lately (and writing this isn’t going to make it any better). I need a new chair and a new desk, but the thought of clearing off all the piles of papers (I have a problem with piles) fills me with unnamed dread.
To see whether it helps, today I am using one of those ‘back chairs’ where you half kneel, half sit, which my husband The Grouch found in a rental flat he was clearing out. It’s adjusted to the lowest it can be, for a shortie like me (see previous entry for ethnic origin) but it still feels most peculiar, and now I am looking down at my screen instead of straight at it, but the screen is already raised on one of those monitor stand thingies, and can’t go much higher because of the bookshelves. Oh what joys everyday life brings us… must go and do another stint of work now before I go to my appointment.
* you know, one of those back people.
**for origin of ‘foreign pain’, see the wonderful game MadLibs where random words get inserted in an piece of text seen only by one person.

2 thoughts on “Back to back

  1. Problem with your back, problem with piles (?!), problem with archiving. It’s one of *those* days 😉
    Hope things improve…..

  2. oo, i like the term ‘nasteopath’. i wonder if i could use something ilke that … nastyologist. i think i still like ‘the neurologist of oz’ though.

    i love mad libs!!

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