A death avoided

Driving to the therapist today, I saw a skinny red-grey squirrel hesitantly cross the road in front of me. I slammed the brakes on (helped by the fact that I was just mounting a speed bump) and the squirrel lived. Later in the park I watched a squirrel climb a tree; the same one I saved? I like to think so. Also two magpies, though seen separately, so maybe they were the same magpie – does that mean two doses of sorrow or one of joy?

Still listening to Good Morning Vietnam – Tired & Emotional, I think you’re right, this is not the film soundtrack but a general 60s compilation. However it’s the best 60s compilation I’ve ever found, including such amazing songs as Jefferson Airplane with Grace Slick singing White Rabbit – a track which benefits from being played at 11 if ever a track did. Hardly a naff track on the whole album, with the possible exception of the Turtles’ Eleanor, but I can skip that.

This album has confirmed my memory that in the old days, just about every pop and rock song used to fade out rather than having a proper ending. When did they stop doing that and why? I don’t know a single contemporary song that does it.

One thought on “A death avoided

  1. always ‘one of joy’ there are so many magpies around it’s almost certain that you saw two rather than one, twice!!

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