Forgetting one’s head

Had to go to son’s school today to get an update on how he is doing back in mainstream (he has been out of school for a year getting help with his special needs which are social rather than intellectual). Everything seems to be going unexpectedly well – which doesn’t give us evidence for our tribunal appeal to get him into a specialist school, but OTOH if he copes in mainstream, perhaps the appeal won’t be needed. The only problem is, the school has mislaid the laptop which he was given by a charity – how I wish I’d taken it home after all when it was first given. He really needs it because even he can’t read his handwriting, resulting in homework not getting done because he can no longer read the notes he made on what the homework was!

No sooner had I got home and started work than the school called to say he was very cold, having gone out on this bright but crisp autumn day in only a T-shirt (I was still asleep when he left, leaving school preparation to The Grouch, or I would have protested). Also he was not very focussed, and I had indeed found that his Ritalin tablet was put out but not taken. So I had to rush back to the school two sweatshirts and his tablet bottle, driving this time because I couldn’t face the walk again, and thus polluting the atmosphere quite unnecessarily. If only they’d noticed all this while I was still at the school the first time. And I *still* forgot to take the Tesco vouchers I have been hoarding…

2 thoughts on “Forgetting one’s head

  1. Every nook and cranny in my home (of which there are many) seems to house a Tesco or Sainsbury voucher waiting to be taken in to school. We must be hoarding half a computer-ful.

    I am hoping my son is cold after our debate about whether or not he should wear a coat this morning.

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