Looking up

As I left the house early today (before 9.00 is early for me!), unbreakfasted, to get a cholesterol blood test, I saw a huge flock of starlings rise all at once from a TV aerial, fanning out in all directions. It was a great sight for a grey day, and as I walked down to the doctor’s I kept my eyes upwards, and so spotted things I never usually notice, such as fancy brickwork on the gable ends of the local shops, vintage probably 1930s. I also noticed that the local library has finally been demolished, evidently early this morning, as dust was still rising. A sad sight which made me remember times taking son there when he was not much more than a toddler – he read a dozen words at 3 and fluently at 4. I used to buy unwanted library books there, and there were talks for local people, which were a great way of feeling younger, as I was the only non-pensioner who went!

The developers got the site on the basis that they build a new library into the block of flats, so I hope our nasty Tory council doesn’t renege on that. In spite of the net, email, Blackberries etc, libraries are still a vital source of information, and a social centre, for those on the wrong side of the digital divide.

After the blood test, which had to be taken fasting, I treated myself to a (vegetarian) fried breakfast at a local caff. It’s not fattening if you eat it after a fast, is it? Which reminds me of two Jewish ladies I once saw in a café at Brent Cross shopping centre, just ater Yom Kippur, discussing who they had been to dinner with after the fast. I noticed one was eating a ham sandwich and one a prawn sandwich! (both forbidden foods at any time). Ain’t religion wonderful?

And now – hallelujah! The latest Bible notes are written and sent (to be published in a year), which means I have now met all my four September deadlines ahead of time. So – what to do with the extra day I’ve gained tomorrow? Brent Cross beckons – I have some new M & S vouchers…

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  1. I useed to work for Jewish trading companies. Even the rabbi’s wife who worked at one occasionally ate pork – but not at home.

    However come Yom Kippur and Rosh Hosanah they fasted and ate prperly.

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