An inventory

Items removed from son’s loft bed, which I had to risk my currently fragile back to retrieve:

4 copies PC Gamer magazine.
4 Books: How Science Works (large coffee table book, probably used for resting writing paper on rather than reading); The Lost Art by Simon Morden, bought at Greenbelt for hubby; The Spook’s Apprentice by Joseph Delaney – this is number one in a series and I’ve bought him two and three but he shows no interest in reading them; The Curious Incident of the WMD in Iraq, not normally a 13 year old’s book but he devoured it.
Writing paper with mysterious numbers and letters on it.
2 side plates missing from kitchen for some time.
One pencil, one pen (mine).
Part of a pack of Beano playing cards, mostly shoved down side of bed and impossible to retrieve without contortions. Why not the whole pack?
Scoubidou strings.
iPod speakers.
3 cuddly toys he’s never, ever cuddled.
A Tupperware-type container, also missing from kitchen, full of cottage cheese at least several days old, uneaten. Eugh.
Assorted crumbs, crumpled tissues, etc.

I suppose it could be worse. A friend found a Wonderbra in her teenage son’s bed.

One thought on “An inventory

  1. I try, whenever possible, to avoid searching the darker corners of my teenager’s bedroom (and that means all of it!) for fear of what I may find. Glad he’s at boarding school now… somehow I can’t see his dormatory bunk accumulating such a suppurating seething mound of this and thatness as his bed at home….

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