In defence of Brer Fox

A friend rang with computer troubles, but incidentally told us that the family rabbits had been killed by a fox. He then called the fox something I can’t repeat on a family website.

But this friend eats meat, so in what sense is the fox any more a – well, what he called it – than he is? It just gets its food in a more direct fashion. How could the fox know that the rabbits were much loved family pets?

One thought on “In defence of Brer Fox

  1. I think I’m with you on this one. It’s a shame the pets weren’t in fox-proof housing (if such a thing exists, given the apparent cunning of foxes), but it’s not really fair to attribute malicious motives to a fox who just wanted some supper.

    Was thinking about vaguely connected things last night when I did a google image search for ‘guinea pigs’. I think guinea pigs are cuties which should be cuddled and adored only. However, I can’t actually give a single good argument why Peruvian people shouldn’t eat guinea pigs, so I’m just going to let them get on with it and not complain. (But I do wish folks wouldn’t put pictures of ‘roast guinea pig with side salad’ up on the web, ‘cos that’s not what I wanted to see when I went searching for a little innocent evening cuteness!)

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