Wildcat strikes

Thanks for info on Permalinks, folks.

Watched a neighbourhood cat chase a squirrel, or possibly rat (didn’t have my glasses on yet) in the garden this morning – what fun aminals are. Our own puss has gone all Enniskillen, as I put it, lately, playing hunting with pieces of folded paper and biting me in the ankles, as well as darting glances to and fro very quickly as though he’s in a war zone (which no doubt he is, in his imagination). I think he must be having an autumnal testosterone surge (except that being neutered, he isn’t supposed to have them).

Saw therapist again this morning and had quite a useful session so I didn’t say I wanted to leave. Came home and slept all afternoon with lots of dreams full of action – now I’m exhausted from all that dreaming. And I have to go out with all the family, including my mother and second cousin, tonight. Bleah.