The parable of..

…the squirrel. Behold the squirrel, how he darts about the lawn. In the time of bounty, he finds acorns, hazelnuts, cob nuts, and all the gifts God gives at harvest. Lo, how he collects them, he buries them here and there. So, when the days of hardship come, he will have stores for his nourishment, to plump him up against the cold. But what if he should forget where he has buried them?

And so, perhaps, it is with the Christian. When the blessings are pouring like rays of late summer sun, then she can gather insights, good memories, encouraging words, to store against adversity. But what if, when the dark days come, she forgets where she has buried them? O then she must search, and dig, and rake every inch of the garden, searching for that which can feed her and keep her alive through the callous winter. Pray, then, that you will recall where your treasure is, for the hard times are coming, they are always coming.

One thought on “The parable of..

  1. Thank you.

    That also reminded me of my pre-woolly-liberal days, when I was a card-carrying charismatic. I got given all sorts of "words" and "pictures", some of which were incredibly meaningful at the time, others of which really weren’t, but I’ve found I’ve forgotten many of even the incredibly meaningful ones. I wonder where I put them (or maybe God hid them so I couldn’t dig them up again?! Hmmm OK that’s probably enough for that particular metaphor!).

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