Mennos rock

I love my church so much. Today we had no sermon, just communion, in the context of lots of Iona liturgy on OHP transparencies, all of it about God’s goodness in creation, and we had a display of ‘the fruits of the earth’ as well as the bread and wine on the table at the front – a sort of blend of Thanksgiving and Harvest Festival. And we sat in a circle, just about 15 of us, and passed the bread and grape juice from person to person as we always do, and it was all so beautifully simple and yet profound, and warm and welcoming.

And because there was no guitarist they let me go to the mike and help lead the singing, which turned out to be a great number of hymns that go up to top ‘E’, a note which until recently I couldn’t reach at all. Now I can, but only with great effort. But it didn’t matter, because I was among people I’ve known for so long, and who I know won’t make snide remarks but just be grateful that someone had a go. And no one minded that my son came down from upstairs in the middle of a liturgy, asking for his iPod charger which was in my handbag (we don’t always have Sunday school lately, especially as currently he’s the only child there most weeks, and so we just let him do his own thing).

So glad to be a Mennonite.