Dentist again

This time to anaesthetise me (with what seemed like 100 injections) and get up under my gums on the top left. I didn’t realize however that the hygienist was going to have a second go at all my other teeth too – only two weeks after the last sandblasting. I felt as though my mouth was a quarry (it’s certainly a goldmine, at those prices).

To revise my earlier comment on ‘practising the presence of oneself’, I now know that not only is the dentist the one place where it is ill advised to be totally present to the sensations of the moment – it is also the one place where one is guaranteed to be totally, immovably focussed on them. Ugh.

And then of course come those dreaded words: ‘See you in three months’ time’…

2 thoughts on “Dentist again

  1. Unfortunately I never made it to an NCT group – ours were on Saturday morning and I needed a lie in. But I do practise my Alexander Technique in the chair – distracts me if nothing else.

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