What is the point…

…of having a light box next to my desk, if I never remember to switch it on? Several days of glorious weather have seen me not bothering with it because I was getting enough light anyway, but today is grey and gloomy, and I definitely need that boost of artificial sunlight to help me through the SAD season. So that’s my excuse for sitting here instead of doing all sorts of useful stuff.

Why then have I spent all these sunny days indoors and now, the one day when I’m going out to see friends, the sun has hidden itself? Once again, a failure to ‘carpe diem’.

Oh well, one of my objectives today, as well as having lunch with a new friend and tea with an old one, is to get to the fancy dress hire shop and get myself a long black wig in order to be a Goth at a costume (not Halloween, please note, but costume) party next Wednesday. Which will be fun. My own hair is short and blonde (with a little help) so that wouldn’t exactly work. Now where are those black laced boots from last winter? I do hope I haven’t thrown them out. And then I have to devise costumes for son and hubby – it’s a hard life being a mother.

2 thoughts on “What is the point…

  1. Indeed being a mum is a hard life, but one which when all the naff stuff is stripped away is really rewarding 🙂
    Hope you get the costumes sorted ok.

  2. I too am blonde (ish) (not helped by the grey, but we won’t think about that) and I had a blast several years ago when we had a Hollywood party and I went as Morticia Addams. I don’t quite dare to dig out the photo though, but it was a scream. Hope you have fun!

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