The parable of…

…the washing liquid. The other day I put in my washing to wash overnight on cheaper electricity, set it all correctly on the timer, and set it to ‘Rinse Hold’. First thing I see on coming down in the morning to spin it, was the dosing ball which I had filled the night before, standing on the kitchen work surface. I’d filled it all right, but just missed out the rather vital step of putting it in the machine.

Decided I would have to re-wash the washing, this time with detergent. That meant waiting another hour till I could hang it up, but at least it was on a short wash.

And yea verily, the washing machine is like unto this life, in which we tumble and turn and immerse ourselves in worthy activity, all in an effort to make ourselves pure and holy. But without the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit, which is like unto the detergent, we remain stained and not fit for use. So let us take the dosing ball of faith, into which God may pour the liquid of the Spirit, so that we may be made truly clean, which is not in our own power. Amen.

Erm… I don’t think I’ll be using that in a sermon.

5 thoughts on “The parable of…

  1. I don’t see why you shouldn’t use it in a sermon. Excellent analogy -loved the imagery of the twisting and turning and tying ourselves in knots.(Particularly apt if there are tights/stockings in the drum…)

  2. No lanark, I had not read the post in question, it must just be a piece of Holy Spirit synchronicity 🙂

  3. My mother often used to say "great minds think alike". Since she never completed the saying it was only a lot later that I learned the more-commonly-applicable second half "and fools seldom differ". Giving you the benefit of the doubt I’ll have to conclude that sometimes even great minds and fools can think alike.

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