More lightbulb moments

The man at the lightbox helpline was very helpful and immediately agreed that they should send me a replacement bulb free of charge. It arrived yesterday and I have installed it. The light is now beautifully bright, but for some reason it didn’t come on this morning even though I’m sure I set it right. However, having set myself the task of getting up earlier, I found I was more motivated to do so anyway. Perhaps I don’t need the bodyclock at all, just more motivation?

However I’ve not been sleeping at all well, so by the time I’d done an hour’s work and been to the osteopath, I was exhausted and instead of writing the piece that’s due in at 9.00 tomorrow, I went to bed and slept for about 2 hours. I must have needed it because when I woke up I was far more ready to do the work, and produced a satisfactory piece on the Pakistan situation, which gave me the opportunity to drop in the fact that I was at college with Benazir Bhutto (though she was known as Pinky Bhutto at that stage, a fact which annoyed me as that was my brother’s nickname for me, and I felt she had no right to it). I never actually got to know her, but I once took a phone call for her and went to knock on her door, which she opened in a fetching black slip. I somehow think this memory would not enhance her political standing.

Spent the evening at singing group, learning a difficult harmony to ‘Sometimes I feel like a motherless child’. Sang the beautiful tune all the way home with guy from church who gave me a lift. Which gave me a lift in more senses than one.