Calm after the storm

Further to the report of an explosion last Sunday – The Grouch says I have been so much better all week since exploding, that he doesn’t mind if I have to do it occasionally. Hmmm…

Tongue now less excruciating than it was, and dentist is referring me to the dental hospital, probably for op #3 on my tongue. If ever you feel the need to practise for being tortured when Christianity becomes illegal, I recommend having anaesthetic injections in your tongue. I’ve done it twice and I am definitely torture-ready.

Query: is blogging a bit like marital sex? You start all enthusiastic, doing it every day, and then as the novelty wears off it goes down to every few days, and then once a week, and then pretty soon… no, I’d better not go there.

3 thoughts on “Calm after the storm

  1. Urgh yes, I had my tongue biopsied a few years ago and it was very painful indeed! Once the anaesthetic started wearing off and the swelling started, it looked like something out of a horror movie!

    As for the marital sex. I’m getting married in a month, so I shall thank you for not going there!!!!! 🙂

  2. I don’t know if blogging is like marital sex. Perhaps though I blog so much because it is a substitute 😉

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