They’re playing my song

As I drove towards my psychiatrist appointment this morning*, the Rolling Stones compilation currently playing in my car had reached ‘Mother’s Little Helper’, with its reference to the ‘little yellow pill’ which indeed I do take. As I drove back afterwards, the next track was playing, which just happened to be ‘Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown’. Hmm…

*(orientation report: I missed my junction yet again but managed to repair the route by turning left later, and in the process discovered a much better route and got there half an hour early)

One thought on “They’re playing my song

  1. Reminds me of one morning some years ago when I was lying in a hospital bed waiting for them to come and wheel me away for a partial thyrodectomy. Unable to take my mind of my poor vulnerable throat, I decided to put the radio on for a bit of distraction. And what were they playing? Yes, "The first cut is the deepest"!

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