Yesterday’s plans (for Christmas tree purchase etc) went missing in action as Genius Brat was sent home from school with a stomach ache. He still has it today, so it looks like I will be in my usual scenario of not getting the tree till about two days before Christmas. Oh well, that makes it more Austrian – in the land of my fathers, the tree is normally decorated on Christmas Eve.

He only has half a day of school tomorrow, during which I was hoping to write my last Prayer for the Week. I think he’s fairly determined to go in tomorrow as his ‘girlfriend’ has a Christmas present for him (yikes, does that mean I am supposed to get a present for him to give her? Oh the challenges of parenthood! I’ve only just given her a birthday present on his behalf..). Then it’s the holidays, oh frabjous day – two weeks of trying to entertain a grouchy boy and keep him off the computer.

On the plus side, my Polish* window cleaner wished me a holy Christmas. Now that I like.

*I feel a whole series of puns coming on: he must be a window Pole, my windows are now Polished.. oh, make your own.

One thought on “Pear-shaped

  1. Hahah. Like the polishing Polish jokes.

    Let the young’un get a present for his girlfriend. He’ll appreciate the effort everyone else makes to try and find the "right" present. (It might take his mind off his stomach ache, too!)

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