Annals of a rock nerd #1

In support of my ongoing quest to find obscure 60s tracks for my mp3 player, my helpful hubby has actually succeeded in digging up ‘Back Street Luv’ by Curved Air. Which isn’t as good as I remember it, except for the rather compulsive electronic keyboard (or synth?) riff.

He hasn’t however succeeded in finding that wonderful track ‘Dismal Swamp’ by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, engagingly described on their website as ‘progressive bluegrass’. The compilation album on which I have it on vinyl (the immortal ‘Gutbucket) quotes it as being from an album called ‘Pure Dirt’ but no such album seems to exist in their discography. However it is listed on their eponymous debut album, which sadly is out of print. There is a track called ‘Return to Dismal Swamp II’ on both their 20th anniversary and 30th anniversary albums but I fear it’s not my beloved original version.

Such are the frustrations of a not very well informed lover of some seriously esoteric tracks.