What the *#?”&*@?

As my son was off school last Friday, we didn’t receive the school newsletter which he normally brings home at the end of the week. As a result I decided to read the newsletter on the school website, which has been a most educational experience. Not the content of the letter so much as the interesting use of asterisks. For example the newsletter records that the ****nal Double Club has been involved in a football and literacy project (clue: we are in North London).

I then went on to read, as far as possible (it is very detailed), the newly written Behaviour Policy. This informs me that ***ist behaviour will not be tolerated, and that responses to the policy will be ****ysed.

Guess the omissions! It seems the child protection software on my new iMac is a little overzealous…

7 thoughts on “What the *#?”&*@?

  1. I got them all except the ***ist behaviour – I can guess what the *** is but I can’t think why your software would asterist it out (unless I’m just naive and there’s a rude word I’m just oblivious to).

    Just be grateful your son doesn’t go to school in Scunthorpe.

  2. Wonderful! Reminds me of our daughter complaining that our child protection software wouldn’t let her swear on msn.

  3. The filth they peddle in school newsletters nowadays.

    Actually, as a Tottenham fan, I rather agree with expurgating Arsenal.

  4. **ist behaviour as in the country of Middle***. Not an acceptable word in school newsletters. My favourite was the responses to be ****ysed!

  5. Aaargh! That was meant to be ***ist behaviour as in the COUNTY, not COUNTRY!

    My plumber husband finds he is not allowed to write about hoT WATer.

  6. How odd that I didn’t get that particular ***.I’m really embarrassed now! lol
    Hot water is *hilarious*!! (and just to add to my naive credentials, I only learnt what *that* word meant on the ship – I’d used it all through school, and occasionally through adult life, thinking it was a variation on "twit". Oops!

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