Right town, wrong continent

Couldn’t understand why, when the weather widget on my computer’s ‘dashboard’ said it would be cloudy and 4º C, I positively sweltered in the hot sun when I went out dressed for winter yesterday. Then for today’s weather it said sunny and 2º, while I had just heard the TV forecast say it would be cloudy and 7-8º.

Then I clicked the little ‘info’ sign in the bottom right corner of the box, and discovered I had been monitoring the weather for London, West Virginia! That is so embarrassing. A few clicks later and I now have a daily forecast for London, UK (they also offered London Colney in Herts, a place with which I have an intimate acquaintance but really don’t need to know the weather in). By the way, the London, UK forecast for yesterday was 13º, which certainly explains why I spent lunchtime stripping off.

Provided I get to know what it can actually do, my new iMac is proving to be a daily pleasure. Everything works!