Ahoy there me hearties

Time for another randomly selected incident from my list of 20 (full list here).

13. and 14. It was a Christian-run sailing holiday on the Norfolk Broads. We were sailing 1930s wooden Broads boats, 20 foot, really beautiful and each sleeping four (sleeping on a boat gently rocking on the river is something no one should miss).

I was reliably informed that the one I was helping to crew was the boat that had been used in the recent TV series of Swallows and Amazons. Like London taxis, they can turn (or tack) on a sixpence. I was very proud, but unfortunately, not being a  very experienced sailor, I managed to crash my boat into someone else’s, splintering the gunwale and probably running up a high insurance claim. I was deeply embarrassed.

This was also the holiday on which one of my shipmates remarked idly as we were going to sleep, “Some people say ‘Puh’ when they rinse their teeth, and some people say ‘Tuh'”. I have never forgotten this. I’m a ‘puh-er’, by the way. What are you?

4 thoughts on “Ahoy there me hearties

  1. Hmmm… I think I am probably a “ptwuh-er” – all-inclusive/ sitting on the fence tooth brusher… or is it more of a “ptwah”? There could be a PhD in this – er – somewhere…

  2. My 14 year old son has just gone off to experiment to find out which he is! He thinks he’s a ‘Puh-er’.

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