Failed again

Dang it. I just realized last night that I was supposed to be at a therapy session yesterday morning. I’ve been in a total muddle about dates this week, having got up early on Tuesday for an appointment which was actually on Wednesday, and now thinking my therapy appointment wasn’t till next week. ‘My days fly faster than a weaver’s shuttle’, as the Good Book has it.

Now I don’t seem to have the therapist’s number so I will have to ring the hospital and explain. If only she would give me a regular weekly appointment at the same time, instead of just fixing each new appointment at the end of the last one. Is this just because I am getting her on the NHS?

Instead of feeling competent and on top of things as I was on Wednesday, I’m now feeling stupid, inefficient and harassed. Bum.

4 thoughts on “Failed again

  1. I don’t know, but if we only have one brain between us (‘our brain’) that would explain a lot!

  2. Oops. That could lead to some difficulties.

    So what should the writer say?

    What is happening in one’s brain I wonder?
    No, it sounds too much like The Queen.

    What is happening in the brain I wonder?
    Mmm, maybe..

    Perhaps I should have written:
    What’s going on in my mind, I wonder?
    And that begs the question, Where does the brain end and the mind begin?

  3. All good questions! But it was actually the singular ‘our brain’ that threw me. If you had said ‘our brains’ it would sound more as if we had one each – which I trust we do!

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