Thank you for the music

Have spent the day (rather unexpectedly, as I wasn’t originally planning to go) at a ‘day retreat’ run by a music therapist friend, in which she got us to express various emotions, hopes etc by using simple musical instruments – mostly percussion but of many kinds and even a few you could blow into. It was great fun and very relaxing (though the church it was in was cold), and it was remarkable how a bunch of people who arrived quite wound up and initially made very noisy and aggressive music, gradually calmed down into gentle, happy sounds. And the gluten-free brownies were pretty nice too. A pity there were only six attenders* as it was planned for 15.

*this is the proper word for someone who attends. An ‘attendee’, if it existed, would be someone who was attended. Nah, nah, nah nah nah.

One thought on “Thank you for the music

  1. Interesting. And I went scurrying to my dictionary. It doesn’t list ‘attendee’ but does suggest that someone at an event is an ‘attendant’ as is someone who waits on another – in the ‘on hand and foot sense’. Interesting.

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