A new word

Oblogation (n.): A pervasive sense of guilt about not keeping up with one’s blog (or not reading those of others).

My only excuse is that I have had a bad case of the post Christmas blues (usually ushered in by the New Year hangover), and that life in sunny Truthsignland has been less than joyous. I am overwhelmed with domestic tasks, The Grouch has some iffy blood tests, and GB has been more Brat than Genius lately. And one of my favourite people at church is leaving to go back to her dream job in Canada. At least that means this weekend contains an extended party (karaoke last night which I missed cos it was in the wilds of East London, Hampstead Heath walk ending in crepe restaurant this arvo, which I hope to catch if I can get  enough household chores done, and party at the Mennonite Centre tonight.;-)

2 thoughts on “A new word

  1. Prayers ascending from Down Under for all the struggles.

    And hope the party is a most wondrous affair…a crepe restaurant sounds great!

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