Unbeatable offers

More unrefusable offers from Freecycle:
Wanted: Traditional Wood Hat Stand. Presumably for the use of those who wear traditional wood hats.
Offered: Exercise bile. If exercise makes them that bitter I think they are right to give it up.
And finally, Offered: Friends. I have some already, thank you.
To change the subject, last weekend I went on retreat to my favourite retreat house (the one where there is nothing organized, you can just relax). I had plenty of time sitting in the sun in the garden with a good book, but my favourite moment was when what I thought was lemon meringue pie, which is a food abomination (how can you contaminate meringue, the food of the gods, with lemon curd, the food of Satan?), turned out to be Queen of Puddings, which is almost the best pudding ever barring syllabub and Eton Mess. Shallow, moi? But really, the food is one of the very best things about this particular retreat house.
I have returned with my youth renewed like The Eagles (didn’t they have a reunion tour recently?), but no lighter.

3 thoughts on “Unbeatable offers

  1. I have to admit that, living on the Isle of Wight, I get a very immature giggle every time I see “offered: bicycle (Ryde)”. If I am so masochistic as to want a bicycle ride, I’ll just go for one, thank you. Similarly, I rather liked “Offer: fire (Cowes)” which gave me a lovely image of a person going round with a trebuchet, firing cows into beseiged castles on request.

  2. Hello there, long time no communicate. How can Iona be a year ago already.

    Anyway, fancy sharing the name and location of this fabulous retreat place? Not that I’m shallow enough to go on retreat just for the food of course!

  3. The retreat place is St Cuthman’s, formerly St Julian’s, in West Sussex. You can find it on the internet or in Retreats magazine. It belongs to the RC diocese of Arundel and Brighton but there’s nothing particularly Catholic about it – just a lovely place to relax.

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