Parliamentary expenses – the last word

Heard on Radio 4 (no less) the other day: ‘The MPS have milked the gravy train to the hilt’. Quite.

And now for more profuse apologies: If you are wondering why I haven’t blogged for weeks, blame it all on Facebook, the second biggest timewaster in history (decide for yourself what the first is…). I also had Bible notes to write on Proverbs, and half-term in the middle of them, so not much blogging time. But FB is the biggest culprit.

Must try harder, as the school report said…

4 thoughts on “Parliamentary expenses – the last word

  1. It does suck one’s time into a black hole, doesn’t it?

    Great to hear from you again though: and prayers as you write the notes on the fascinating book of Proverbs. May I ask is it difficult to write notes on a book that, unlike the historical books, is a collection of sayings? Or are there similarities between the sayings and you group them? Or something else? Just curious me.

  2. I was only writing on chapter 22-24 which are the ‘thirty sayings of the wise’. And yes, I did group them into subjects, and mostly looked at just three or four verses a day on a common theme. The hardest part was commending the wisdom of Proverbs without turning them into ‘rules’ and forgetting about grace!

    Actually next Sunday I have to preach on Proverbs at my church, so I’m hoping to ‘recycle’ some of the material!

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