A singular pleasure

Forgot to mention in the last blog that, in my post-Pilates café trawl last Friday, I made a waiter’s day by asking for ‘a panino’ [sic]. I was the first person he’d met who knew that ‘panini’ is a plural and has a singular form, and he was thrilled. I don’t expect he gets many moments like that in his day. Pedants unite!

3 thoughts on “A singular pleasure

  1. You have to pick the real Italians though, don’t you? I once asked for “two capuccini” of someone who looked Italian in an Italian cafe in the UK and was met with a blank stare.

  2. Cool! My best moment was when the waiter at the temporary Demel’s café in the recent Vienna 1900 exhibition, asked me ‘Wieso sprechen Sie so gut Oesterreichisch?’ So much nicer than if he’d said ‘Deutsch’.

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