A poor thing, but mine own

Hallelujah, after a month of waiting I finally have my little car back, and have returned the horrible huge courtesy car with the boot big enough to hide several bodies. And I have a lovely unscratched new bumper (I’ll soon put paid to that!) to replace the one which was sheared off a month ago by someone over the road who didn’t know how to park her boyfriend’s car. And they mended my seat adjuster for free while I waited, because I said it was more broken when I got the car back than when I had brought it in.

All right, my little Fiat is under-powered and jerky, but because its emissions are so low I only pay £35 tax disc and am exempt from congestion charge, and I can also feel greenish without having to shell out £15,000 for a Prius. There’s nothing like the feel of your own car about you again.

Meanwhile, Genius Brat has been home with what the doctor assured me was not swine flu, and consequently missed his Chemistry exam (first module of GCSE). The school tells me they can still award him a mark if he has a doctor’s note – which he now does. I swear I am far more anxious about these exams than he is…