Lost and found

It’s been too hot to blog. It’s been too hot to breathe. It’s been too hot to live. Yet in the midst of all this, I managed to reduce the last Horrendous Pile to half a pile. Good thing I have some chocolate in the house to reward myself with.

Other good news: two days ago three vital things in our family were missing: The Grouch’s driving licence, which we need for our hire car on holiday; Genius Brat’s Nintendo DS, which would be the third he had lost; and GB’s Freedom Pass for tube and bus travel, which he can get because we have Disability Living Allowance. Being a good evangelical (ha!) I didn’t pray to St Anthony or whoever finds things for Catholics, but I did pray specifically that all three would be found.

Behold, after a long search and a lot of panicking, The Grouch found his credit-card-style driving licence in an unexpected file. Then I took a look at GB’s desk, a black hole into which many things disappear, and there was the DS large as life and twice as black. Finally, GB put on a pair of cropped jeans that had somehow emerged from a dark corner, and so not been checked through with the rest of his washing, and there was the Freedom Pass in his pocket. Thank you, St Anthony! (whoops, I didn’t mean to say that….)

2 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. I’m sure St Anthony won’t take offence. 😉 Thank goodness you didn’t pray to St Jude!

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