Three points – not

In spite of having slept very badly last night, and having my cleaner here bazooming about, I managed to write a reasonable draft of my sermon on ‘psalms of new orientation’ (for classification, see St Walter Brueggemann, member of the Holy Trinity of Walters: Wink, Brueggeman and Wangerin).

It does not, as suggested by a certain S. Tomkins, have three points all starting with P. Or three pints, as in ‘the usual evangelical three-pint sermon [sic]’. It does have two psalms and a George Herbert poem, which is enough to be going on with.

I have also managed today to do food shopping at Tesco (I am Supermum!), preceded by lunch in the café and a chat with Fortune who works there. He is someone we met when Genius Brat was in a residential NHS unit, and he was working at a café near there, and turned out like us to have a son with Asperger’s. And now he has turned up working in Costa at my local Tesco, which is an unexpected bonus of shopping there. I like my little Aspie parent chats with Fortune.