Terrible Therapy and a Ferocious Feline

I am still keeping all the charts imposed on me by the Terribly Tenacious Therapist, although last week I did tear one up because of cat attack. It’s a long story, but basically I was clearing out a file, which is one of my therapy tasks, and doing it on the floor which is the only sensible way. However the cat, who is paper-obsessed and who has already killed my printer, took this as an invitation to a fight, with the result that I burst into tears and swore I would make the next therapy appointment the last one. I also had to explain to the psych this week that I really wasn’t self-harming, those long scratches on my arm really were of feline origin.

Anyway I calmed down and started a new chart the next day and didn’t tell the therapist I was leaving. I think she is actually highlighting some useful things, I just wish it wasn’t all such hard work. I can do the ‘expose all the past trauma again’ thing standing on my head – been there, done that so many times – but I have to say I feel like drawing a line at so much homework (most of which does in fact involve drawing lines on paper).

4 thoughts on “Terrible Therapy and a Ferocious Feline

  1. Can relate to issues with obsessive and destructive kitties. Have just been brought a ‘gift’ by one of mine.
    Was also wondering why the TTT has not given you pre-printed copies of the blank CBT chart. Seems a cruel and unusual punishment to make you draw up your own!
    Take care.

  2. I can certainly relate to Destructive Kitty Syndrome! Some of our doorways and the bottom post of the stairwell are proof of that…In fact, right now I have a fat orange one on the back of the couch who can sleep (and snore) through anything and a Tailless Wonder up to no good…:)

    I too am surprised TTT didn’t give you a printed copy, especially knowing how cats can be.

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