So what did I expect?

Last night I took minutes at one of the most chaotic meetings I have ever been to, in which people were frequently having two conversations at once, and the chair was clearly feeling too knackered herself to call order. Meanwhile I was very close to the edge and greatly doubted my ability to write anything coherent.

So I sat down this morning to type them up before I forget everything (having first had a little prayer time and entrusted my day to God) and amazingly, I managed to put together something that does actually vaguely resemble accurate minutes.

Then on my way to the gym for a swim (walking there like a good girl) I remembered to pray that Genius Brat would remember to go to his German oral revision session after school (the oral is in two days and he has already missed one revision session at the weekend). Lo and behold, I sit at my desk at 3.15 pm and he has not yet arrived home, and by 3.55 he still hasn’t, and as I had hoped, he turns up at 4.00 pm having been to the revision session. Seems at least one prayer was answered – but then what did I expect?

Just for Kerensa’s delectation, on Saturday I did a short German oral practice with him. The instruction from the ‘examiner’ (ie me) was ‘Beschreibe eine Person in deiner Familie’ (describe a person in your family, for non-German speakers). He began with ‘Meine Mutter ist…’ – and then a short pause, and then ‘..alt’. That’s telling me.

3 thoughts on “So what did I expect?

  1. Well done! Lets hope accurate is what they wanted. Most of my board members would prefer I minuted what they would have said if they had really been thinking sensibly about things rather than what they actually said. Sometimes I oblige.

  2. You can’t fault the boy’s grammar! My German teacher (who was Austrian) always used to say (about oral exams) “it doesn’t have to be the truth, it just has to be right.” I remember in my panic at being asked “what did you do at the weekend?” I wittered on about going shopping with my aunt. The truth was “I was revising for a week’s worth of exams.” A decade or two later and I still haven’t been shopping with my aunt.

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