On not swimming

Well, I was going to go swimming yesterday but by the time I had written my column for February and had a nearly two-hour assessment appointment with a local counselling centre, telling my entire life story and that of two generations of ancestors, there was no time left. I did plan to go to the lovely café just opposite the pool and have a naughty cake, but when I’d trekked there in the rain it turned out to have closed early for half term.

So, I planned to go swimming today instead, but having spent the morning fruitlessly trying to get son to finish his Film Studies essay, and then messed about on the computer to make myself feel better, by the time I got out of the house I was too hungry and had to go and get lunch first (at the lovely café which was now open). Then I had to sit and let lunch go down a bit, and then I walked over to the gym and guess what? The women’s changing room was closed today because a maintenance man was in there. So instead of swimming I went and bought a pair of new winter shoes which I’ve been eying for some time. Which is against my principle of always buying shoes in the end of season sale, and putting them in a cupboard for next year when the current pair will have worn out. Instead of which I paid full price, even though there were much cheaper shoes that would have done, but I didn’t like them as much. Too bad – at least I end up with shoes I actually like. And walking to the shoe shop made up for not going swimming.

Tomorrow I am not going to try to go swimming, because I’m on Premier Radio in the morning and then going to a poetry competition prize-giving at lunchtime (with Cindy who is interviewing me on Premier and happens also to be going to the prize-giving). Tune in about 11.00 and you should hear me droning on about being depressed.

PS I also put my computer glasses in for new lenses on my way out today, which means that I am now typing this wearing my varifocals, and can only see by tilting my head back and looking down my nose at the screen, thus giving the impression that I think I am superior to my computer.

3 thoughts on “On not swimming

  1. My Dad used to have ‘fun’ with his varifocals when playing squash – he’d often miss the ball cos he’d not moved his head in the right position quick enough to see it!!
    Hope the radio bit goes well.

  2. Well I did not go swimming today because my Mum banned me from doing so, she is in her eighties. Alright and because my nephew was in the pool at 5 a.m. this morning. This meant that of the four of us my sister, niece, nephew and self, only half were up for swimming. So we went to the library instead. I think I half persuaded my nephew reading was cool. He has to review a book for school and as my niece and sister were busy doing the Indian craft, he decided to use the time. So I went and sat beside him in the teenage section, reading my book which I also had in my bag.


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