Child abuse?

After a very long absence, one of my two local Freecycle groups has started sending me emails again (the other one seems to have spontaneously unsubscribed me). It is thus that I learn this:

‘We are looking for a medium size closet or drawer for our kids.’

I don’t know about you, but I have never attempted to keep my kid in a closet or drawer. Should I be reporting these people?

One thought on “Child abuse?

  1. I do enjoy the odd grammatical constructions that make Freecycle so entertaining. At the word ‘drawer’ is spelled correctly (one of my pet hates on Freecycle is the bad spelling!)

    Also glad to see a humourous blog post from you. Was beginning to be concerned, esp as I saw the comment on the other blog and thought how uncharacteristic it was of you. Not that I think you are ‘getting over’ your depression by any means (God forbid that I am ever that naive), but just happy to see a glimmer of light in your darkness. Hold on during the cold and the darkness, for spring is coming!

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