Sinister storage

Recently I have advertised several items on Freecycle (subsequent to serious clearing out of son’s room, at son’s initiative). One (or rather two) of these items were two brightly coloured plastic toy storage systems. One email response was from a lady who said she wanted these storage items because: ‘I have bits of my grandchildren everywhere’. I didn’t give them to her – she sounded altogether too sinister. I gave them to the lady with boy triplets.

2 thoughts on “Sinister storage

  1. Wise move. You may have been implicated in the disposal of bits of grandchildren. Not good at all!

  2. The bit I enjoyed best about giving away our telly on freecycle was deciding who to give it too (in the end we went for the couple who’d had their last telly for 20+ years as they sounded most like us and like they’d use our telly for as long as it lasted).

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