Strange things I saw yesterday

1. A man standing in his front garden putting in eye drops.
2. Two chuggers on the pavement competing at juggling their folded umbrellas.
3. A large fat dog fast asleep in the window display of a small boutique.

And today, I read this on Freecycle: ‘I am giving away lots of Girls, jeans trousers, Jumpsuits,Tops and some shoes as well, they still have lots of life in them.’ Glad to hear the girls still have lots of life in them. Although I am a little concerned that they are being given away.

It just goes to show how important a correctly placed comma can be.

2 thoughts on “Strange things I saw yesterday

  1. ‘Chuggers’ = ‘charity muggers’, ie pushy young people who stop you on the street and try to get you to support their charity with a monthly donation. It’s a thankless task – I don’t begrudge them having some fun!

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