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Terrible Therapy and a Ferocious Feline

I am still keeping all the charts imposed on me by the Terribly Tenacious Therapist, although last week I did tear one up because of cat attack. It’s a long story, but basically I was clearing out a file, which is one of my therapy tasks, and doing it on the floor which is the only sensible way. However the cat, who is paper-obsessed and who has already killed my printer, took this as an invitation to a fight, with the result that I burst into tears and swore I would make the next therapy appointment the last one. I also had to explain to the psych this week that I really wasn’t self-harming, those long scratches on my arm really were of feline origin.

Anyway I calmed down and started a new chart the next day and didn’t tell the therapist I was leaving. I think she is actually highlighting some useful things, I just wish it wasn’t all such hard work. I can do the ‘expose all the past trauma again’ thing standing on my head – been there, done that so many times – but I have to say I feel like drawing a line at so much homework (most of which does in fact involve drawing lines on paper).


A couple of nights ago, Genius Brat went downstairs for a midnight snack (as he does –  aged 14 and hollow legs), with the result that the cat was let out of the dining room and came and spent the night on our bed. As I was airing the bed in the morning, I found a hairball right in the middle of the mattress. Thank God it was dry and not sicky (sorry if that’s TMI). What next?

More cat pics

On Thursday, when Esther could still speak, she asked for her cat, who is the half-brother of my cat. My husband went and fetched Delphi and took her in her cat basket to the hospital, who were kind enough to let her in. Apparently she snuggled up to Esther and licked her toes.

I don’t have pics of Delphi but in memory of Esther, here are some more of her brother Pippin when he was younger.


Months and months ago I promised to show you pics of my cat when he filed himself in my intray. At last I’ve found out how to use Flickr and how to link to this site (apparently I had a Flickr account all along but had forgotten I had it!). So here he is:

Free at last

I did it! Yesterday I finally had the last appointment with my therapist. Rolling Stones’ ‘Rolled Gold’ is still playing in my car, and the track before I went in was ‘Get off of my cloud’ while when I came out it was ‘I’m free’. Seems apposite.

Today when The Grouch and I came back from visiting Child and Adolescent Mental Health, the cat had filed himself in the bottom tray of our son’s schoolwork filing trays. Pictures to follow when I’ve asked The Grouch how to do it (I’m not quite up to speed on images yet).

A busted flush…

…is now mended. My local Tesco has finally fixed the flush in the ladies’ toilet, which for months has only worked if you pump it vigorously at a strange angle. Of such little blessings is the life of a reluctant domestic manager made 🙂

***Bad joke alert***
We had home group at my house tonight. There was one spare chair as I’d been expecting an extra person. When we came to the bit where we shared bread and wine, my large cat Pippin jumped up onto this extra chair and sat there looking expectant. Well, it was ‘com*mew*nion’!

Wildcat strikes

Thanks for info on Permalinks, folks.

Watched a neighbourhood cat chase a squirrel, or possibly rat (didn’t have my glasses on yet) in the garden this morning – what fun aminals are. Our own puss has gone all Enniskillen, as I put it, lately, playing hunting with pieces of folded paper and biting me in the ankles, as well as darting glances to and fro very quickly as though he’s in a war zone (which no doubt he is, in his imagination). I think he must be having an autumnal testosterone surge (except that being neutered, he isn’t supposed to have them).

Saw therapist again this morning and had quite a useful session so I didn’t say I wanted to leave. Came home and slept all afternoon with lots of dreams full of action – now I’m exhausted from all that dreaming. And I have to go out with all the family, including my mother and second cousin, tonight. Bleah.