The parable of…

… the Bluetooth adapter. Which my son spent quite some time looking for this afternoon, disturbing my attempt to complete revising chapter 8 and get to my belated coffee break (I got up late). For behold, the Bluetooth adapter was very small, and in my son’s room there are many things… And lo, he found it, and we both rejoiced, and then I finished editing chapter 8 and took a long coffee break. And then I edited chapter 9, and tomorrow I will edit chapter 10 (or possibly delete it entirely) and write an intro, so that I can send off the book to meet the deadline of Thursday. It’s almost time to say, Rejoice with me!

Final stages

The big news of the last couple of weeks is that I decided I had finished Chapter Ten as far as it is possible to finish it at the mo, and have declared the first draft of the book DONE! I am now stuck into revising it all for sending in next week. Had a good bash at Chapter Three today, and decided some of it belonged elsewhere, but that there was a whole new section I wanted to write. This is all very encouraging and rewarding, but I worked so intensely on it this morning that I have done virtually nothing useful this afternoon except go for a walk and have a nap. Remaining hours were used up listening to the Beatles and playing patience games on the computer. Redeem the time….!

Me too

By the way, I see I am not the only one for whom the new spam protection is stopping us posting comments on other people’s blogs. I get exactly the same message as Working it Out gets. I can’t post this on his (her?) blog for obvious reasons.

Fish pie not so tasty

So I bought the local paper, and hunted for the ‘Con man caught out by fish pie’ headline. The story turned out to be less interesting than I had hoped: apparently this man had conned £200,000 out of people by selling them holidays at non-existent holiday apartments, so the police were tracking his credit card, and nabbed him when he bought a fish pie in Tesco. There’s no getting away with it these days…

Dubious theology

Today was our ‘cancel church and visit someone else’s church’ Sunday which we have periodically. On the long drive to the church we wanted to visit, we passed ‘Our Lady’s Convent Church’ only unfortunately I initially read it as ‘Our Lady’s Corset Church’ which sounds highly dubious…! Then in our worship sheet instead of thanking God for ‘the redemption which is ours in Jesus’, it invited us to thank God for ‘the redemption which is our sin Jesus’. Oops…I think they need a better proofreader. In all other respects it was a lovely church, though nearly everyone was away for half term and we visitors made up almost half the congregation (it’s like that at our place sometimes too). And they stayed around afterwards for at least an hour drinking tea and chatting, just like we do… The music was led by a rock mandolinist which was refreshingly different. Hope they will come and visit us sometime in return.

And more stuff..

Well, here I am again, and whaddyaknow, I haven’t blogged for three weeks. No idea what’s been happening, except that it was more stuff that happens.

Actually, I do have a few ideas. Genius Brat, the Grouch and I paid a visit (my second but their first) to a possible new sixth form for GB, in a school which has a unit for kids on the autistic spectrum and which is just about to take the first sixth formers in the unit. As well as being about to have a fantastic new sixth form building built, supposedly by June although at the moment it’s a car park with no signs of building. We all loved the place – the downside is that they only have two places in the unit on offer and there are already at least two kids interested. I’ve alerted the local authority to our desire for him to go there, and the admissions panel meets on March 15th. We need a miracle – please! By the way the unit is headed by a lovely woman who knew GB when he was little, as her son was in Montessori with him. It all comes around… he got his statement of special needs in the first place because the head of the borough’s autism team had a kid in Montessori with him. I’m afraid it’s not what you know, it’s who… (or should I be correct and say ‘whom’?)

What else? I did some more, rather sporadic, work on the book – now almost finished Chapter 8 of a possible nine or ten. I continued to visit the ‘just right’ therapist and more or less keep up with the homework she gives me. It does seem to be helping, although I have had a few dips – but overall, this is the longest that I’ve felt mostly well, for ages. And last weekend I went on retreat to the gorgeous seventeenth century house with the lake and the great library and and fabulous desserts. While I was there I think I really made a breakthrough on some things that have been bothering me a long time. They may well come up and bother me again, but I think I know what to say to them next time. Must go back there again soon, I failed to finish a good novel from their library and I want to finish it before I forget what it was all about!

Other updates: my mother is well and up to her old tricks of trying to run my life; hubby and I have decided to have a monthly date; kid is volunteering every day this week which is a big improvement on his playing computer games all day. Hope I can get him to continue after the end of the week. And I need to book a holiday. Don’t let me forget, will you?

The joy of writing

Rejoice with me, for I have re-started work on my book! And I am pleased with what I have written (around a thousand words of Chapter 7). If I remembered how satisfying writing can be, would I get round to it more often?

OK, so I pretty much wasted the rest of the day. But at least I’ve made a start… Looking forward to doing more tomorrow.