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Things I saw on my trip to town

1. Man on tube station platform with immaculate and very feminine makeup – pale green eyeshadow, thick black lashes, peach-coloured lipstick – somewhat ludicrously paired with shaved head, with shadowed area at back and sides indicating classic male pattern baldness. I tried not to stare!
2. Woman on tube with white long sleeved top covered by grey sparkly vest. White long sleeved top had shoulder pads so upwardly angled (ie higher on outside edge) that they resembled the fins on a 1965 Mustang, or the wings of Mary Whitehouse’s glasses. The 80s are back with a vengeance.
3. Damn. I’ve forgotten what 3. was. Will supplement later.
4. And another thing: why don’t they make Elastoplast in dark flesh colour for black people?