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Significant events of the last 10 days or so:

Genius Brat went to genius camp and we drove him there and had a few days teenager-free holiday a deux – in Northamptonshire. It is a surprising pleasant place to holiday in, though not exactly a tourist area. It was a lot better than when we did the same last year, when we had to leave a day late because of my bad back and I had to hobble everywhere. I read a lot of books.

The morning after we got back, I went (non-resident) to a film weekend in a local conference centre, and saw four films back to back (well, three on Saturday and one on Sunday) which was less exhausting than I expected, since only one of the films was at all intense.

I finally signed the contract for my next book.

I generally felt good.

Today I went to the dentist and the hygienist and was told what good teeth I had. I can’t help feeling proud of this in spite of having no responsibility for the fact at all. My gums, for which I do hold some responsibility (ie they improve when I take better care of them), have also improved a great deal since my last visit

GB’s school was closed today because the builders have found a potential asbestos risk. And several teachers are stranded at various places in the world because of the volcano. However years 9-13 are back tomorrow, though not years 7-8. I can envisage a number of parents being seriously inconvenienced. Thank God I work for myself (and sometimes get on quite well with the boss….)

GB’s best friend found my lost favourite earring at church last week, when I wasn’t there, and pinned it up on the church cupboard for me to find this week. I am eternally grateful.

Meanwhile, our holiday in the US this summer is gradually falling into place, as various Mennonites offer to host us. That is, if planes are flying across the Atlantic again by July…