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Good times still rolling

The good times continued over the weekend, with a meal out on Saturday night with good friends whose son is best friends with my son; then a church lunch on Sunday (with three good desserts!) and a nourishing service on Sunday afternoon.

Managed to get GB back to school for his physics exam on Monday, in spite of the fact that he hadn’t gone to sleep till about 2.00 am! (he came straight home after the exam which he wasn’t supposed to). And this morning I did a ‘learn yoga so you can teach it to your kid’ session, and would have gone to a silent film in the afternoon if I hadn’t driven round and round trying to find a legal parking place and finally given up and gone home. Why oh why does an area have a unique arts cinema with afternoon showings, and then limit pay and display parking to 90 minutes, which is less than the length of most films? Do they really want to shoot their own local economy in the foot?

Oh well, I had a sleep instead. Not as culturally satisfying.

A poor thing, but mine own

Hallelujah, after a month of waiting I finally have my little car back, and have returned the horrible huge courtesy car with the boot big enough to hide several bodies. And I have a lovely unscratched new bumper (I’ll soon put paid to that!) to replace the one which was sheared off a month ago by someone over the road who didn’t know how to park her boyfriend’s car. And they mended my seat adjuster for free while I waited, because I said it was more broken when I got the car back than when I had brought it in.

All right, my little Fiat is under-powered and jerky, but because its emissions are so low I only pay £35 tax disc and am exempt from congestion charge, and I can also feel greenish without having to shell out £15,000 for a Prius. There’s nothing like the feel of your own car about you again.

Meanwhile, Genius Brat has been home with what the doctor assured me was not swine flu, and consequently missed his Chemistry exam (first module of GCSE). The school tells me they can still award him a mark if he has a doctor’s note – which he now does. I swear I am far more anxious about these exams than he is…


Out of a combination of absent mindedness and laziness, last Friday when I went to the Water Aerobics Class from Hell, I forgot to take off my precious silver fairtrade ring, the Ring that Goes with Everything. When I staggered exhausted out of the very chlorinated water, it was looking distinctly weathered.

Finally yesterday I got round to polishing it with Lord Sheraton polish (‘with jeweller’s rouge’). I wasn’t at all sure it would come up again, since I didn’t know if it was solid silver or plated, or something inferior, hence whether the black bits were tarnish or the surface being eroded off. Anyway, it must be solid silver because it came up beautifully shiny, and I can now see my face in it again. By such small pleasures are otherwise frustrating days improved.

And it was a frustrating day, having to pick up a sick boy from school, write my column while he was asleep in my bed, and then take him back to school much improved to fulfil an appointment with the chemistry teacher. Today was not dissimilar, as he had a morning off because of an exam in the afternoon, and I had a sermon to write in between helping him with the revision which as usual he left till the last minute. But I’ve written it, hurrah! (on Proverbs, using some of what I learned from writing Bible notes on Proverbs a couple of weeks ago).

The ring polishing incident, by the way, reminds me of a poster a friend of mine once encountered which said ‘Help Polish Christians’. I’m sure some of us need more polishing than others…


Mothers, remember the day when you first left your precious darling at the school gates? Bet it was you, not the kid, who cried a little. I did. I’ve had another of those milestones today: my son’s first GCSE exam. I was definitely more nervous than him, indeed I have hardly slept for the last two nights, though whether these facts are connected I cannot tell. As he is youngest in year, and this is the first Science module, taken a year early, which means he is taking it at 14 instead of 16, there was extra cause for anxiety.

He however was totally laid back, refused to do any revision until the morning of the exam, and then just allowed me to take him through some test questions (which I have to admit, after a wobbly start, he answered competently). He turned up just an hour after he left, having done the 40 minute exam in just 20 minutes, not having used the extra time that he gets because of his Asperger’s, or the prompt, or the laptop. I can only hope we don’t get a nasty shock when the results come. I do however have to remind myself that intelligence tests put him in the top 5% or, on certain skills, in the top 1%. And these exams are designed for the average.