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Just posted a really grouchy comment on someone else’s blog about my husband (I mean the comment was about my husband, not the blog – why would someone else be blogging about my husband? that would be really worrying). I expect he’ll start reading my blog again now and will find this out. Sorry.

I am not doing very well just now. My therapist wants me to walk at least 10 mins five times a week. Since I last saw her I have swum once (with a lot of walking afterwards), walked to choir and then to opticians, had one day with no exercise at all, and managed a 10 minute walk round the block today. So that’s three in four days – not too bad. I still don’t feel any better though – have been feeling absolutely crap since yesterday. Getting homework out of son is getting worse and worse. I think we need to speak to the school again. Except that all they do is suggest more things we have to do. Why can’t the teachers tackle this? I don’t pay my taxes so as to educate him myself…


Out of a combination of absent mindedness and laziness, last Friday when I went to the Water Aerobics Class from Hell, I forgot to take off my precious silver fairtrade ring, the Ring that Goes with Everything. When I staggered exhausted out of the very chlorinated water, it was looking distinctly weathered.

Finally yesterday I got round to polishing it with Lord Sheraton polish (‘with jeweller’s rouge’). I wasn’t at all sure it would come up again, since I didn’t know if it was solid silver or plated, or something inferior, hence whether the black bits were tarnish or the surface being eroded off. Anyway, it must be solid silver because it came up beautifully shiny, and I can now see my face in it again. By such small pleasures are otherwise frustrating days improved.

And it was a frustrating day, having to pick up a sick boy from school, write my column while he was asleep in my bed, and then take him back to school much improved to fulfil an appointment with the chemistry teacher. Today was not dissimilar, as he had a morning off because of an exam in the afternoon, and I had a sermon to write in between helping him with the revision which as usual he left till the last minute. But I’ve written it, hurrah! (on Proverbs, using some of what I learned from writing Bible notes on Proverbs a couple of weeks ago).

The ring polishing incident, by the way, reminds me of a poster a friend of mine once encountered which said ‘Help Polish Christians’. I’m sure some of us need more polishing than others…

Extra special offer

Facebook is wonderful – I have never been so overwhelmed with birthday greetings, some from people I’ve never even met! I also, by email, received a greeting from Austriangrocery.com (not providing link cos the postage on goods from them is a fortune). For my birthday they have kindly offered me a voucher worth 0.00 Euros. I’ll be getting lots of Mozart balls from them then…

Meanwhile I have been contemplating joining a new gym, much cheaper than the old one, and with the advantage that my friend Rabia goes there too, so we can egg each other on (I went to aqua aerobics with her last week and was reassured to see it full of women of a certain age). I am especially intrigued to find they offer (sic): ‘free use of separate sex sauna and steam rooms’. I fancy the sauna and steam, but I still haven’t found the sex room.