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A bus pass moment

The other day as I wandered along the Broadway (that leadeth to distraction), I was stopped by a ‘charity mugger’ or chugger, asking me to support the Mental Health Foundation. His exact first words to me were ‘Are you a pensioner?’. When I somewhat huffily explained that I am not, and people usually tell me I look younger than my age, he replied ‘It must be your hat’. What?! My sparkly red baker boy hat, is a pensioner‘s hat? I am still recovering. This was definitely not a good day. And I am afraid I have not signed up to donate to the Mental Health Foundation. Their representative did not do my mental health any good at all.

O rejoice with me!

For though the Hat of Glory, which went with every coat I have, and suited me, is lost and gone for ever (left on a Tube train in the early spring), yet today I have acquired The Hat of More Than Oriental Splendour. Not only is it triply righteous, being a) made from recycled silk bits, b) ethical (it says so on the label) and c) bought in a charity shop, it also matches the ethical recycled silk gloves I bought last year. It feels a little icky to wear a second hand hat, but it’s hand washable so I shall be able to cleanse it from any remaining unrighteousness.

It probably doesn’t suit me as well as the Hat of Glory did, but it is delightfully wacky and I shall wear it with pride. And when we get round to replacing our digital camera which was stolen and isn’t covered by the insurance, I may even take a picture and post it here.