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Simm and swim

Sat down in my usual café (a trendy organic one) this morning, next to a man who was holding a baby in a most affectionate way, and started to admire the baby. Only when the father turned slightly towards me did I realize it was John Simm* – woo hoo! This is my second Simm sighting in the area he lives in, which is near where my therapist lives. Normally it would make my day, but I was feeling so battered from the therapy session it was more, ‘Oh, that’s John Simm – OK…’.

His wife then came and joined him and I was heartened to see that she is quite ordinary looking and not a glamorous Thespian type. Exchanged a few words about the baby but I did notice that JS kept his face averted most of the time – I know he doesn’t like being recognized in public, so I restrained myself from saying ‘Hey, you’re John Simm aren’t you, I really fancied you in Life on Mars’, which would have been tactless, to say the least, in front of his wife.

Went for a swim after that, and felt better.

*for info of non-UK folk, Simm is the rather gorgeous actor who played the lead in the recent cult TV cop series Life on Mars, as well as The Master in the most recent series of Dr Who.