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Laugh when your heart is breaking

On skimming through my emails tonight I spotted in one of the Freecycle mails the following: ‘Offer: trolley’. My immediate thought was: ‘Is she?’

You may conclude from the quality of jokes that life has been a little too demanding lately. I survived chairing the Inclusion Group meeting (10 people came and seem very enthusiastic about taking action), but have been pretty overwhelmed since, with the sheer number of things I have to do this week, and the frustration of knowing that no matter how many letters we write, the Demon Headmaster will go his own sweet way. However we are now considering engaging in a group legal action, which would certainly make him sit up.

Woke up feeling awful today, but with the judicious application of an episode of ‘Allo ‘Allo, followed by a comforting church service, I feel almost put back together. Though still knackered.

Child’s joke of the day

You know the old one about ‘when is a door not a door?’ We have a family version which goes ‘When is a car not a car?’ ‘When it turns into a side road’. Then at lunch today my son, who was off school, suddenly declared, ‘A car turned into an alleyway and another car drove into it’. Which is rather clever when you think of all the implications.