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Mothers, remember the day when you first left your precious darling at the school gates? Bet it was you, not the kid, who cried a little. I did. I’ve had another of those milestones today: my son’s first GCSE exam. I was definitely more nervous than him, indeed I have hardly slept for the last two nights, though whether these facts are connected I cannot tell. As he is youngest in year, and this is the first Science module, taken a year early, which means he is taking it at 14 instead of 16, there was extra cause for anxiety.

He however was totally laid back, refused to do any revision until the morning of the exam, and then just allowed me to take him through some test questions (which I have to admit, after a wobbly start, he answered competently). He turned up just an hour after he left, having done the 40 minute exam in just 20 minutes, not having used the extra time that he gets because of his Asperger’s, or the prompt, or the laptop. I can only hope we don’t get a nasty shock when the results come. I do however have to remind myself that intelligence tests put him in the top 5% or, on certain skills, in the top 1%. And these exams are designed for the average.