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More anagrams

And TITHES is an anagram of THEIST. I’m sure someone somewhere could use this in a sermon. Although Stuart Murray Williams once announced that he had written on a flip chart all the NT references to tithing. Then he uncovered the page – and it was blank.

As you can gather, not much is going on except lots of washing to get ready for going on holiday. Except that hooray, hooray, I went through my last Horrendous Pile of Papers this morning, and most of it went in the bin. Now there is just one boxful for filing:-)


The first astounding thing about working on the Horrendous Piles of Papers (est. ca 2005) is how much of their content can be immediately tossed into the recycling basket. About 90% so far. The second astounding thing is how, when long unseen areas of desk are exposed, can they be so dusty? Surely the dust didn’t slink under the paper? These things are marvels the like of which we have not seen in our days.