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Christmas list

Cards sent: check. Presents bought: check (well mostly. What I haven’t got will have to wait till the January sales). Wrapping paper: check. Hang up cards received: check. Tree bought: check, having trudged out on foot in the snow, because the car wouldn’t go up the icy hill, chopped down a tree in the forest and dragged it home (well all right, actually I bought it at the florist and detailed The Grouch to bring it home later in his van – but I did trudge through the snow). Christmas haircut and colour: check. Food: no. I’m trusting that the car will get up the hill tomorrow, but Tesco is going to be a nightmare. Tree decorated: no. That’s tonight’s task, provided the telly’s not too good, which is unlikely. Presents wrapped: no, we do that Christmas Eve. Ready with goodwill and Christmas spirit: possibly. I’ll let you know.

Happy Birthday…

…to my spouse The Grouch. I’m afraid I’ve been totally uninspired and got him very few presents this year. I think I used up all my ideas on his big turn-of-a-decade one last year. Oh well, I expect he’ll forgive me. I’m also totally booked up with evenings and lunches with friends, so I don’t know when we’ll manage a birthday outing either. So many restaurants, so little time.