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Business – and puddles

Oh goody, church business meeting tonight, with lots more impossible decisions. I do so love chairing endless business meetings.

And how come, outside the shops down the road there are plentiful puddles from the recent downpour, for the toddler ahead of me to splash in (which is, after all, what puddles are for); yet further up the road, when I finally step in the pile of dog poo I have carefully avoided on three out of four journeys, there is not a single puddle in sight to wash my shoe sole in? Could of course have something to do with water running downhill… Anyway, I washed it in the water caught in the upturned (and never used) lid of our recycling box, which will have to do.


Have had a mailing from a Christian arts conference in the Netherlands, with a booking form that asks me ‘What artistic raining have you had?’ [sic]. Well, I don’t know really – it was raining sideways into my ear on Sunday, does that count as artistic?

Which reminds me of ‘autistic’, which reminds me that I went on a group tour yesterday around the Tree House school for autistic kids, which was founded by Nick Hornby and his friends and is now in a beautiful new building in vibrant Muswell Hill. (Right next door, incidentally, to a psychiatric hospital where I have memories of visiting my late brother). It doesn’t take Asperger kids, so no use to us, and anyway GB is doing well in mainstream, with some hiccups. Actually the head of another private school, for the whole autistic spectrum, was there, but this is only primary so not relevant to us either. I so wish it had been there when we were looking for a primary school  – it’s even in Crouch End where he used to go to Montessori.

Met another Aspie parent there who, after a few mins of conversation, said ‘ Do you have a blog?’ Turns out she has been reading this – I can’t believe how many people find this blog. So Sandra, if you’re reading, hello there.