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Today on the bus back from the sleep clinic appointment, I spied a large and flamboyant young woman who used to go to my son’s school. As well as being – shall we say, voluptuous – she has always dressed very eccentrically, in bold colours and with large and multiple hair accessories: big bows, big bobbly hair ties, and today even a miniature hat which I think is called a fascinator. Actually when I saw her at the school I had always assumed she had some learning difficulty which caused her to dress oddly.

Today, however, she was in the company of not only her mother (who is not flamboyant at all), but a distinctly hot boyfriend of Asian origin. They were snogging so enthusiastically on the seat in front of me that I didn’t have the guts to say, ‘Hello, you used to be at [name of school], didn’t you?’ Instead I just reflected that people do get the most unexpected partners, and that one should never judge by appearance. My mother comes out sometimes with a German proverb meaning ‘every pot finds a lid’. Which is patently untrue, or there wouldn’t be so many people (including myself for years) who are unwillingly single. But the scene before me did make me think of that saying. I just hope he’s being good to her – she can’t be more than 19 and I would hate to think of her getting exploited.

Meanwhile the book, which I restarted writing two days ago, is going swimmingly. I’m now more than halfway through chapter 3 (of 10-12, I hope) and really starting to enjoy the process of writing. I’ve rediscovered something I had forgotten: that writing makes me happy. At least it does when it’s going well…

Glory in the High St

No, this isn’t one of those clever Christmas slogans. I wish to announce that as of today I have a new Hat of Glory. Not quite as glorious as the one I left on the Tube, since it’s only one colour and that had several woven together, but this one is red and sparkly with a cheeky peak, and looks rather good with my purple sparkly scarf and gloves. Not only that but it was the last one left in the shop, and it was 20% off.

Today has been another good day. Finally made it to the sleep clinic to try on my jaw splint – the bottom halff was fine but the top half goes back too far in my mouth and makes me gag. The doc is going to get the ends cut off and I will try again in two weeks. Feels like progress. I then explored the new shops in St Pancras station, bought a new electric toothbrush, went partway home, got off the bus and bought some lovely organic bread, a pickle fork and aforesaid hat. I do love ‘the run-up to Christmas’! (Advent is quite good too…)