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Three points – not

In spite of having slept very badly last night, and having my cleaner here bazooming about, I managed to write a reasonable draft of my sermon on ‘psalms of new orientation’ (for classification, see St Walter Brueggemann, member of the Holy Trinity of Walters: Wink, Brueggeman and Wangerin).

It does not, as suggested by a certain S. Tomkins, have three points all starting with P. Or three pints, as in ‘the usual evangelical three-pint sermon [sic]’. It does have two psalms and a George Herbert poem, which is enough to be going on with.

I have also managed today to do food shopping at Tesco (I am Supermum!), preceded by lunch in the café and a chat with Fortune who works there. He is someone we met when Genius Brat was in a residential NHS unit, and he was working at a café near there, and turned out like us to have a son with Asperger’s. And now he has turned up working in Costa at my local Tesco, which is an unexpected bonus of shopping there. I like my little Aspie parent chats with Fortune.

I spoke too soon

Reports of improvements in Tesco’s toilets are sadly premature. Having posted recently about the mended flush in one loo, I regretfully have to inform you that the other toilet is now hanging off the wall at a dangerous-looking angle. I’d hate to have been there when that happened.

In the all new steel and glass shiny extended store they are promising us by next autumn, will there be more than two ladies’ cubicles provided – and will they all be in working order? Will whole pigs fly off the bacon counter?

A busted flush…

…is now mended. My local Tesco has finally fixed the flush in the ladies’ toilet, which for months has only worked if you pump it vigorously at a strange angle. Of such little blessings is the life of a reluctant domestic manager made 🙂

***Bad joke alert***
We had home group at my house tonight. There was one spare chair as I’d been expecting an extra person. When we came to the bit where we shared bread and wine, my large cat Pippin jumped up onto this extra chair and sat there looking expectant. Well, it was ‘com*mew*nion’!